Who We Are

A local hydroponic urban farm less than a mile from downtown Houston.

We grow hyper fresh, pesticide & herbicide free, hyper local greens, herbs & microgreens.

Farm fresh greens to your table in the city of Houston. Our mission is to grow and deliver live, superior quality, fresh lettuce, herbs and microgreens without any pestidices or herbicides.

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About Us

Our goal is to offer as sustainable a product as possible with a greatly reduced carbon footprint. Since our produce is hyper local, it can be delivered the same day as it is harvested. We grow all of our produce indoors without any soil, so it is clean and pure and can be delivered year round.

Michael Youngblood is a farm kid from Southwest Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in biology.  Although Houston is a major foodie city and the fourth largest in the nation, grocery stores and markets still rely on transporting lettuce and herbs so freshness is not always the best. Texas summers also mean that farmers can’t grow lettuce and most herbs during a significant part of the year. Since Michael and Kimberly are both foodies, they knew there had to be a better way to get healthy, fresh greens to Houston. That’s where the Greenery from Freight Farms came into the picture.


We use the latest state of the art technology with a vertical hydroponic growing system that produces fresh, pure, superior produce in a 40’ refrigerated shipping container. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides. The Freight Farm Greenery is a unique growing platform with specialized climate and humidity controls, LED lighting and trickle down water irrigation over hanging hydroponic columns. In fact, the system uses less water daily than the average American household and recycles the water for ultimate water conservation. All electricity used in the greenery is solar- powered as well.

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We offer free weekly delivery. Please contact us for more information or complete the form for more information on delivery, pricing and our monthly CSA program.