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We are offering Greens Packs with free weekly delivery to your home.
Greens Packs come in two main sizes or specialized Packs with a variety of everything we grow.

Our Greens Packs are filled with items that are currently available from the farm. They can be ordered as an individual order or a monthly delivery membership. Weekly prices are listed below. Packs are paid for in advance to ensure that each client receives products that are hyper fresh, delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

We offer curbside service, so clients are asked to provide a cooler to be left out on delivery day. We will leave your order inside a thermal bag inside your cooler. Please leave the thermal bag and the ice pack in the cooler for the next delivery day so we can recycle.

The Basic Greens Pack for $19 per week includes:

3 Heads of Lettuce
1 small bunch of greens: Kale, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy or Arugula
1 package of microgreens

The Standard Greens Pack for $27 per week includes:

5 Heads of Lettuce
1 large bunch of greens: Kale, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy or Arugula
2 packages of microgreens
1 package of Genovese Basil or Red Veined Sorrel

The Lettuce Lovers Pack for $19 per week includes:

6 Heads of Lettuce

The Microgreens Medley Pack for $19 per week includes:

4 packages of microgreens. These can be special ordered by contacting us.

Please complete the form below for more information on pricing, our free delivery areas and our monthly subscriptions.

If you are a professional chef/restaurant, please fill in the form to request our wholesale pricing.

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